Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Omaha, Nebraska

Car accidents are by far the most common type of legal concern we handle, but the fact of the matter is that injuries can occur even without a vehicle! Imagine that you are walking through the neighborhood or getting in a morning jog and all of a sudden, you are struck by a passing car! While this may seem unlikely, accidents like this happen far more often than you might imagine. On average, over 75 thousand pedestrians are injured each year from being hit by cars. In nearly all these cases, the driver is at fault from being distracted, speeding, disobeying traffic signs, or failing to yield to the pedestrian’s right of way. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident from a vehicle, call Salerno & Leavitt today. Our trusted lawyers can ensure you get the payments you deserve for your injuries and lost wages on account of the other person’s reckless behavior.

Non-Vehicle Related Pedestrian Accidents

While vehicles are involved in a great deal of pedestrian accidents, there are actually quite a few other things that could hurt you while you are walking and result in legal action. Thousands of these accidents happen year to year, and the injuries can range from minor to severe.

The most common sources of pedestrian injuries without cars include defects in sidewalks and parking lots or just general disrepairs. Cracks, uneven walkways, and uncleaned areas during snowy and icy conditions are the responsibility of the property owner, and they are held legally liable for your injuries should something occur because of them.