Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Omaha, Nebraska

With the push for eco-friendliness and the desire to save money on gas, more and more people are taking to the streets on bicycles regularly. There is also a booming recreational biking industry, with people donning full biking gear and riding for exercise. While this phenomenon affects cities more than rural areas, the overall increase in bikers is undeniable. The problem with this increase is that not every area has properly addressed the growth of the culture, leading to drivers that don’t fully respect bike riders. This lack of proper education about bikers has caused a great deal of biking accidents to occur. If you have sustained any type of injury while biking, you should call our team at Salerno & Leavitt today.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Despite the advocacy efforts of groups across the country, bike accidents still happen quite regularly. Here are some of the most common reasons that they happen.

  • Inattention: Whether you are on the bike or in the vehicle, inattention is the most dangerous and common element involved with these types of accidents. Being on the road requires the utmost attention, no matter what type of vehicle you choose to use. Bikers need to be especially careful as their vehicle offers little to no protection from collisions with cars and trucks.
  • Improper Visibility: Biking at night without lights or reflective gear can make you very difficult to see for drivers. In many cases, accidents occur because the driver was unable to see the biker well.
  • Dangerous Roads: While potholes and uneven roads are a concern for everyone, they can be far more dangerous for bikes. Bikes can easily topple when they hit uneven terrain, leading to dangerous falls and accidents.