Auto Accident

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When you're looking for help to pursue compensation from an insurance company, Salerno & Associates are attorneys for you. There are many forms of negligent driving including reckless and drunken driving, as well as texting and talking on the phone that can lead to catastrophic consequences. 

Duty of care

We all have a responsibility to bear in order to uphold our civil and peaceful society, and duty of care is that responsibility. 

It means that we are obligated to be mindful of our decisions and our actions to ensure that they are not harmful to other members of our society. 

Compensation for injury

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case you may be entitled to different types of compensation including:

 - Medical expenses, including past, present and future costs
 - Lost wages and loss of potential future income
 - Property damaged by the accident, such as your vehicle
 - Permanent injury or disability
 - Emotional pain and suffering
 - Any other type of loss from the accident upon which a value may be placed

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When you set up an appointment with Salerno & Associates be sure to bring the following:
 - Police and accident reports
 - Witness statements and contact information
 - Medical bills
 - Information regarding any other parties involved in the accident
 - Medical records of any healthcare providers treating you following the accident
 - Your lawyer will obtain the information you don't have or know how to get
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Negligence can be defined as a failure to exercise reasonable care in order to avoid causing another individual harm. The failure to act or behave as a reasonable person would in similar circumstances is negligence. There are four major elements that must be present to prove negligence in an accident that involves a motorized vehicle:

 - A duty of care was owed by the driver
 - The duty of care was breached by the driver
 - There were injuries or harm suffered
 - The injuries or harm that occurred were a direct result of the driver's breach of their duty of care

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in very severe injuries because riders are not restrained and many riders do not wear proper protective gear. 

If you or a loved one has suffered from serious injuries due to the negligent behavior of another person, seek compensation from the responsible people immediately. With Salerno & Associates you have an attorney who has more than 30 years of experience taking on insurance companies and isn't afraid of going to court. 

We don't settle unless you're satisfied with the offer.
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